Protests of Agneepath Scheme and India's Unemployment Crisis

The Agneepath protests highlight India’s growing unemployment crisis.

Recently, the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government’s foresighted initiative Agneepath scheme for short-term recruitment (4 years service military service) in Indian Armed forces, faces a backlash by the opposition parties and ani-national elements through a series of violent protests in several parts of the country. The protests, which first erupted in Bihar on June 16, soon spread like wildfire across 15 Indian states, causing extensive damage to public property and disrupting day-to-day life. Ultimately, the government successfully quelled the protests through a combination of concessions and heavy police action.

The central government was completely taken aback and was surprise by the nature and intensity of the agitation, as the expectation were to create confidence in Indian youth, however the opposition parties had different plan. What do these agitations against Agneepath Yojana indicate? Why do so many young people resist the supposedly attractive option of training and employment opportunities, albeit temporary, but good exit rewards?