Maldives: Ibrahim Mohamed Solih poses a double Challenge to India

Ibrahim Mohamed Solih decision to end next year’s betting and prepare for next year’s elections has created a double challenge for India.

Maldives President Ibrahim Solih has put an end to last year’s betting and put on his hat for a second term in next year’s elections. Making significant changes in roles in two months, the Speaker of Parliament and head of the ruling MDP, Mohammad Nasheed, tweeted, ‘Now is not the time to prioritize personal aspirations, step up for the presidency’. Ahead of the party’s presidential election last month, in which Team Solih’s candidate and Economic Affairs Minister Fayyaz Ismail won against Nasheed’s Shibir followers, Nasheed reiterated that he had planned to get an MDP candidacy for the presidential election but Solih said it was. There is no time for them to discuss partisan politics when the focus should be on post-Covid-19 economic reforms.