India's Battery Swapping Strategy, Important and Necessary Step

In response to increasing energy needs, India has introduced a battery swapping strategy: a necessary but not enough step.

In April 2022, the Policy Commission, In-House Think Tank, Government of India issued a Draft Policy for Battery Swapping (BS) for two-wheelers and three-wheelers. The policy approach, as outlined in the draft, is to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) by improving the efficient and effective use of scarce resources such as public funds, land and raw materials for advanced cell batteries for customer delivery-Centric service. The objectives of the policy are (1) to promote the replacement of batteries with advanced chemistry cell (ACC) batteries so as to double the cost of batteries prior to the purchase of EVs, thereby adopting EVs. Establish principles behind swapping (3) technical standards as an alternative to charging facilities that enable the interoperability of components in the battery swapping ecosystem.