Agneepath Scheme Feasible on Paper However needs Amendments

The Agneepath scheme may seem feasible on paper, but in practice it may not look good from the context of employment and national security.

A career in the military is not like any other thing, in some cases even sacrifice is required, which has more to do with intangible elements such as honor and dignity than financial compensation. Thus, it is short-sighted to make the Agneepath plan only to reduce the cost incurred by the Army. Considering its huge impact on India’s social fabric and on the code of conduct and functioning of the Army, its consequences can be detrimental. Given our fragile security environment and China’s aggressive designs, it may not be prudent to use such radical reforms. History may repeat itself when India was surprised in 1962 by the introduction of reforms by Nehru and Menon, which caused huge unrest between the General Staff and the Line Units during the Sino-Indian War.